Underground Kingdom radio show'll be back
in the 32th edition in December'08 @ Ombilikal Radio !

All exclusive mixes do for the Underground Kingdom show are listenable
by using streaming. Go on the Archives sections and choose your artitst/mix,
if you want more (tracklist & infos) check the forum section and choose your show (you'll be redirect to the Ombilikal Forum) !

If you'r a Dubstep, Grime, Bassline Dj or Producer and you wanted to send promo or mixes go to the contact section (you'll be redirect to my myspace page) and contact me then. If you don't have a myspace, Go to the forum section and contact me in.

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About UnKi
The radio show runs untill September 2005 at Ombilikal Radio. The show is produced by Mr.Orange, who's the Ombilikal programmation & partnership manager and also a member of the Acid Pony Club.